Frequently Asked Questions
Out of State Shipping
Rewards Programs
What are your hours? (Delivery)
We open everyday at 12 noon. Closing time is 9pm on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday we close at 10pm.
I live nearby do you deliver? How much does it cost? (Delivery)
Yes! We deliver everyday in the local FiDi area starting at 4PM. Delivery is free for purchases over $25 in the local area. Just call us or shop online using the menu above. We will deliver the same day if you get your order in withing about 30 minutes of closing time. If it is close to closing time your best bet is to call the store to be sure we can take care of you. Click the delivery link above for more details.
Do you offer case discounts? (Delivery, Out of State Shipping)
Yes for delivery in the local area or for in-store pick up we offer 10% off 12 bottles or more on wine. There are no discounts on any spirits, however, if for instance you wanted to make a bottle of spirits the 12th bottle we will give you the 10% off on the wine. Van deliveries outside our local area and Fedex shipments do not qualify for the 10% off discount.
I live outside New York State can you ship to me? (Out of State Shipping)
We ship wine to most states with a few exceptions. We do not ship any liquor outside New York State. Due to restrictive regulations, we cannot accept orders for shipment to the following locations:
Alabama, Alaska, Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Virginia.
What is The Downtown Cellars Rewards Program? (Rewards Programs)
This is our way of thanking you for shopping with us. You earn 5% back on full priced wines and spirits, and once you reach $20 we'll mail you a coupon worth $20 dollars off your next purchase. Promotionally priced wine, sales, case discounts, gift certificate purchases, and transaction where a coupon was used unfortunately don't count towards your reward earnings. 
Why do I have to give you my mailing and email address anyway? (Rewards Programs)
We will automatically send you your coupon in the mail, so we'll need your address. If your mail is returned to us, we can notify you by email to update your contact information. We promise not to sell your information to any third parties or spam you unreasonably. You might hear from us from time to time about our great promotions, tastings, events, and classes—only the stuff we know you wouldn't want to miss. Also, you may opt out of our emails at any time.
What can I use my coupon for? (Rewards Programs)
Absolutely anything in the store, except gift certificate.
How do I find out how close I am to earning a coupon? (Rewards Programs)
Just ask any of our helpful staff members and they will look up your information in our database. Be sure to check if we have your correct mailing address.
Once I've earned my $20 coupon, when can I expect to see it in the mail? (Rewards Programs)
You should receive your coupon within 4 weeks of hitting the $20 target. If you've made additional purchases, they will automatically be applied towards earning your next coupon.
How long is my voucher good for? (Rewards Programs)
Three months from date of issue.  The start and end date are printed on the postcard you receive.
Is there a limit to how many vouchers I can receive? (Rewards Programs)
Not at all! You will always earn 5% back on full price purchases and we will keep sending you coupons.
What if my dog eats my voucher, or I lose it? (Rewards Programs)
Bad dog! Unfortunately, our vouchers cannot be replaced or reissued.
Do I need to carry around a membership card to earn my rewards? I have tons of those. (Rewards Programs)
Nope. Just tell the sales person your name and we'll keep track of your earnings for you.
What if I forget to tell your knowledgeable sales staff my name when I make a purchase? (Rewards Programs)
The only way to earn rewards is to have our staff record your information when you make a purchase. But don't worry, they'll remind you.
Can I give my voucher to a friend? (Rewards Programs)
No. Besides, you earned it. Do something nice for yourself for a change.
What happens if I don't spend $20 when I redeem it? Can I use more than one voucher at a time? (Rewards Programs)
It is best to use the entire $20 coupon on your purchase because the coupons are one time use only. So instead of buying 1 bottle why not get 2?  Also, you can only use 1 coupon per day.  That way we get to see you more often which makes us happy.
Can I use my coupon online? (Rewards Programs)
Sorry not yet. We are working on that for the future anyway we love to see you in person!
Can I combine my coupon with other discounts, like other coupons or another promotion? (Rewards Programs)
Sure! The more the merrier. That's why we call it a reward.