Breuckelen 77 Whiskey Local Rye and Corn 750ml

We are excited to be able to offer this locally made spirit!  Made in Sunset Park, Brooklyn by Brad Estabrooke and Breuckelen Distilling Company. This whiskey is the result of organically farmed New York cereals. These New York grains are processed into booze entirely by hand in the Breuckelen Distillery's one-room plant. In this operation where "simple" and "natural" take precedence, no coloring, additives, or "fancy filtering" are used.

In this offering Rye is the star, a mash of 90% Rye and 10% corn is fermented and allow to age for a minimum of 7 months in new American Oak barrels. The use of corn in the mash lends a subtle sweetness to the finished product which is balanced by vanilla and oak spice. 

Region: United States/New York/Brooklyn

Grain: Rye/Corn

$49.00 USD